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Powerful degreasing properties. Removes tough, dried-on food

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Utilising plant-based and mineral ingredients, Ecover Dishwasher Tablets shift dried-on food and leave dishes sparkling. Powerful degreasing properties and subtly scented. Free from phosphates and phosphonates. Biodegradable. pH 10.52. Ecover never uses microbeads or microplastics in any of its products. They use naturally derived alternatives such as coconut shell. Ecover evaluates every ingredient to make sure it works for people and the planet. All Ecover bottles are recyclable and can be refilled.Watch out for Ecover products with Eco-Cert labelling: a third-party standard that ensures that cleaning products and detergents are made with naturally derived ingredients. The certification imposes an annual onsite audit of factories.

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25 tablets, 70 tablets