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Place your order directly via email to [email protected]


Call us on +33 4 89 02 43 40 or simply pass by the EYS office on 14 Rue Vauban, 06600 Antibes, France.

Yes. All cancellations must be received prior to your order being shipped.


Payment by credit card or wire transfer is preferred, however, we also accept payment by check or cash.

EYS does not require payment before delivery. We understand the delays involved in payment processes. However, we do require that all clients supply us with the ship’s billing details and relevant ship’s papers (VAT status, etc.) upon creation of the first quotation.


If you wish to return or exchange any of the products you purchased via EYS, please contact us directly by email or telephone.


Delivery time is dependent upon your delivery address and product availability.

We hold a large stock of our catalogue products in the South of France, allowing us to deliver to addresses from Genoa to Marseille within 24-48 hours (Monday to Friday). For other destinations worldwide, we will do our maximum to deliver within the time frame you request.

EYS delivers worldwide with no minimum order. When ordering, please aim to respect the environment and our carbon footprint.

We deliver large, non-express orders free-of-charge along the French Riviera.
If you are a regular customer, then we also deliver your large, non-express orders free-of-charge within mainland European Union.

Prices for small or express packages as well as international shipping are supplied upon request.

We endeavour to deliver on time to your requested destination. Thanks to our logistics structure and our experience, it is rare that an order does not arrive to its destination in the time specified. However, if this should happen, we work closely with you to ensure you receive your products quickly.

If products arrive damaged or leaking, please contact us at [email protected]


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at:
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: +33 4 89 02 43 40
Mobile: +33 6 66 34 20 64

Please email or call us and we will be happy to help you.

EYS supplies the relevant product MSDS (COSHH) documents. We also have a large database of in-house product instruction sheets. Please request these when you confirm your order.


We source the best products in respect of the environment, crew health and the surfaces on board.


EYS works with new builds to supply the products required to respect the interior builder’s warranty and the delicate wastewater treatment systems. We offer VAT-free supplies and full project support when required.

We understand the build project life-cycle and have refined our new build service to ensure that you receive timely and effective support, from the planning stages through to launch and thereafter.


Our mission is to work with the yachting community to give nature the chance to repair itself by raising awareness of the far-reaching impact of overboard water discharge on our fragile coastal areas.

We have identified and actively promote products that comply with current environment protection regulations for yachts, with regards to Marpol (Annex V).

Marpol compliant products do not contain chemicals that could seriously damage aquatic life.
They are:

  • Non carcinogenic
  • Non mutagenic
  • Non reprotoxic