Rating products at EYS

Conventional product ratings take in account two parameters: price and performance. But at EYS we want to go the whole nine miles: we evaluate respect towards health and environment as well. That is what distinguishes a future proof product from an average one.


Our starting point is the compulsory ingredients’ declaration in INCI(1) code. Each of them gets a green, orange or red tag. Green is OK, orange means ‘should be improved’ and red is ‘not acceptable as a sustainable ingredient’.

  • We check the absence of fossil sourced materials. From a database with 20.000+ molecules we take the health and environment related qualification of each ingredient. That allows us to get a clear view on the environmental impact of a formula. But it doesn’t stop there.
  • We check the aims, realisations and reputation of the producing company – not only their words. Do they have an external certification such as ISO 14001(2), EMAS(3), or a provable similar practice?
  • We check the type of product packaging and outer packaging. Are they made from recycled material, minimised to the necessary, refillable and/or recyclable?
  • We check the logistics and distribution characteristics. Does the company make efforts to improve transport means and lower their health and environmental impact?
  • Finally, we evaluate the resorption of product leftovers once they reach the natural environment. Based on the ingredients used, can they be digested rapidly and completely, even in the absence of waste water treatment plants?

When we find lacking information or data, vague marketing chatter or hollow phrases, we unfortunately have to give bad marks. Products that should be improved get an orange tag, products unacceptable as a ‘sustainable product’ get a red tag.

However, things are not set in stone. When companies improve and come with more sustainable solutions, we will be happy to revise our ratings. Questions and remarks can always be addressed by email to EYS, c/o Sheila Goddard.

  1. INCI: International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients
  2. ISO 14001: the international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  3. EMAS: Environmental Management Auditing Scheme